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An asteroid rosary in the septiembre

An asteroid rosary in the septiembre

NASA's proximity to the 14th of September is likely to be one of the most technically considerate potential pilots. Tiene el tamaño del edificio más alto del mundo.

NASA has been sampling my preocupados but an asteroid that roamed Tierra del Norte in mid-September, and the agency has been advising that these are potential pilgrims. Seria the 14 de septiembre.

Asteroid lamella 2000 QW7 delivers only the most significant dimensions: they have 951 and 2,132 pies (290 y 650 meters) of diameter respectively.

Here's a look at some of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi's Burj Khalifa, in the Emirates of Arabia, at 2,716 pies (828 metros).

The especialistas pudieron determinate entonces that the interest of the roca más grande de los que hayan estos proximas a pas but the terrestrial atmosphere.

Before the actual dimension of the asteroid's tail, as compared to the Empire State, only the edifices are emblematic of the United States, just below the altitude.

Located in the center of the Estudios de Objetos Cercanos a la Tierra (CNEOS), the country has increased speeds (23,100 km / h) to an average speed of Tierra.

This center is part of the Propulsion Laboratory of NASA's Chorro de NASA in Pasadena, California, and all estimates that it is "acercamiento" equivalent to 5.3 million kilometers: it is similar to a distance of 14 miles between Tierra and La. Luna.

The mismo modo que la Tierra, the asteroid 2000 QW7 orbiting alrededor del Sol, aunque solo cruise de manera esporádica con la Tierra.

This is where the weather is expected to be 1 ° since September 2000, and is estimated to have reached its peak, on October 19, 2038, at the Laboratory of Propulsion in Chorro.

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