Tuesday , July 27 2021

An alarm for a new positive case of hantavirus is growing

On Ministry of Health of Chubut informed that a new positive case of hantavirus. With this confirmation by Institute Malbn, those affected by this disease are 14, with 5 fatal victims. Also, they did not just want to send a calm for the Patagonians from this portfolio and warned that "the contingency team continues to work Epuyn, deepening of the activities of selective respiratory isolation in people classified as close contacts "

They explained that the new positive case is for a juvenile who entered the Epinuin hospital two days ago and who was transferred to Bariloche after being described as a "suspect" of a hantavirus because his confirmation came after an analysis at the Malbun Institute, patients suffering from this pathology are increasing to 14, with 5 fatal victims.

Also, from the Ministry of Health, Chubut tried to bring peace to the passengers and assured that "the emergency team continues to work in Epine, deepening the activities of selective respiratory isolation of persons classified as close contacts," warning that a minor was transferred already stabilized.

Since December 3, when the epidemiological unpredictability began, the city of Epune, which has about 4,000 inhabitants, has become the epicenter of the phenomenon, as they have taken approximately 220 blood samples in order to identify potential affected people who will attend a party of 15 years.

A call was then called to the "continent population", that is, to the neighbors of potential carriers or those who could be in contact with the nearby, especially the family, to call the population called "at risk" and health personnel. It is worth noting that the hantavirus is associated with Hantavirus Lung Syndrome (HPS), one of the "highest mortality rates in the world" with rates up to 50%.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health explained that Argentina, the second most vulnerable country in a number of cases in Brazil, which reported more than 300 fatal cases, so that on December 18 the National Laboratory Administration and Health Institutes (ANLIS) Dr. Carlos G. Malbnn signed a contract with Biotechnology Company Inmunova in order to establish "links of scientific and technological cooperation to promote and promote lines of research and technological development in the field of biomedicine and public health".

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