Monday , May 17 2021

AMD reluctantly confirms that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be launched in 2020

Little by little we know more details about upcoming consoles that will start Sony and Microsoft. PlayStation 5 will be the name of Sony, although the Xbox still does not have a definite name Xbox Scarlett. Now, AMD has introduced the advent of new consoles in 2020, a figure that has been speculating for several months.

The PS5 will use an 8-inch AMD Ryzen processor and AMD Navi graphics: and 7 nm

2020 is logical date taking into account life cycle Generation that these tend to have about 7 years. PS4 and Xbox One were released at the end of 2013, replacing the consoles that were released 7 years earlier. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed they are working on consoles of the new generation, but if we add the AMD certification, all the pieces fit even more.

AMD is currently APU Provider who use PS4 and Xbox One, and standard versions and vitamin. And everything suggests that this will continue to be so soon, because Lisa Su said that "though APU segment fell slightly, we are expecting significant increase after 2020"

sony ps4 pro ps5

These words make it quite clear that it is one referring to the consoles, because they are the only capable of are moving millions of units in a certain period of time, unlike what happens on a computer where it is searched processors and graphics cards with higher performance separately. In addition, AMD has already commercialized APUs, and even the business sector can not cause a "significant increase" in sales.

Other rumors were that PS4 will have a processor 8 cores based on architecture AMD Ryzen. Also, it was talked about Navi-based graphics card, the two processes are 7 nanometers. Navi will be exclusive PlayStation 5, and will be curious to see in whom they use it Xbox Scarlett.

4K and 60 FPS will be the target of PS4 games

AMD to launch its first 7-nanometer processors and graphics cards in 2019 for desktop, so it makes sense that the consoles continue with that trend. AMD will be the only manufacturer capable of having CPUs and graphics using that lithography, and more in the amounts needed by Sony and Microsoft.

PS5 will be destined to offer a game 4K at 60 FPS (Although not everyone has a 4K screen, but will benefit from a Greater anti-aliasing thanks to super-control), after PS4 Pro disappoints and only WQHD reaches in many titles and 30 FPS (like Uncharted 4), while others that reach 4K do not go up to 30 FPS. In addition, the report states that developers already have PS5 development kits, and that they are working on games for the console, as is the case with Square Enix. Others like Bethesda the two companies are still asking what will be the power of the console to see how far they can press them with their games.

PS4 is approaching the end of its life, although Sony still holds exclusively without publication, plus many others who need to arrive as The last of us 2 or the dying of death. We probably know more about this at a conference that the company will make on the eve of the E3 next year after announcing that it will not attend the first time in its history.

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