Wednesday , September 22 2021

Amado Budu assures “he has a strong advance” to return to prison and says he has no regrets about “what he did”

Amado Budu, who could return to prison after the Supreme Court of Justice upheld the verdict in the former Vice President in the Cicone case, said this week that “Has advanced” so that he would return to prison and make sure that he did not regret “what he did”.

“This is another blow to the judicial system of power over the republic and Argentine democracy,” the former official said in a dialogue with Radio Rivadavija.

According to Budu, the decision comes from “the judiciary that is most discredited of all in the country” and that “everything he does is overshadowed by suspicion, arbitrariness and extortion.”

“I got involved in something that I had nothing to do with Cicone. I did not have any action to buy a business group from another business group. “When there is a 900-page sentence, it is because it cannot be explained very well,” said one of Christina Kirchner’s most loyal men during her term as president of the nation.

Budu also asserted that “in the case of Cicone, Mauricio Macri, German Garavano and Patricia Bulric armed with a criminal system” and that “the accused was paid by a hotel to change two previous statements” against him.

“There was a parody of the oral trial trying to get me off the field, which in no case will happen because politics has no public position, it can tell the truth, think about Argentina and share them with my colleagues. “I will continue to think, say, to act with the same force and the same joy to defend the people’s cause because the world is too unjust.”

Amado Budu, at the reading of the verdict in Commodore Pay, in 2019.  Photo by German Garcia Adrasti.

Amado Budu, at the reading of the verdict in Commodore Pay, in 2019. Photo by German Garcia Adrasti.

And I add: “There is no evidence in the files against me“They have been told by stakeholders, but when they cross over the phones, everything falls apart.”

He also attacked Judge Bertuzzi, one of three judges Kirchnerism wanted to oust through the Senate, who he said “when the sentence was handed down, the media had already said the federal council would reward him with promotion” and that it was finally the way “Macri paid him” for imprisonment.

There is a strong station to get me back to jail. Lately, a few days before the sentences were handed down, the judges spoke through the mainstream media and made predictions, so I already knew what would happen. Apart from the opportunity to read a story to my children and get up with them and be close to Monica, it does not change me much to go back to prisonHe remarked.

And he said he did not regret “anything he did and nothing he did.”

“I am very clear as a public servant where I went and it was always within what I could do, what it should be. Always with a commitment that there is more equality,” he said.

Regarding the Court’s decision to dismiss the appeals presented by the former deputy, he assured that he understood that the Supreme Court had decided “not to express an opinion and not to use Article 280” in this case, “perhaps because there is no criminal lawyer in the Court”. .

“I keep trying, I never appeared at the investigation, I never hid, even if I was arrested. “Except when they did not call me and scandalously searched my home,” he said.

Finally he said it was “Nonsense” believe that Nestor Kirchner ordered him to go to Cicone and assured him that “Christina did not play any role in this whole situation.” He assured that the law continues to be present in Argentina.

“Macri is a secondary actor in this, there is a global issue, the law is not an Argentine invention, it happened to Lula in Brazil. There was a judge who put him in jail to take him off the election field. “It happened. You were part of the government. You have another case in Huhuy. And it happened in Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia with Evo Morales.”

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