Thursday , May 6 2021

Am I fat? the surprising reaction of ISCO

Isco Alarcón, a Real Madrid player, did not take a day to answer those who accuse him of having an overweight problem. After substitution in the competition before Valencia, playing ten minutes and being the protagonist of the image circulating through social networks, the player placed a photo on his Instagram account without a shirt to show his physical condition. That was a clear answer from Isco for those who say they have an overweight problem.

However, the answer has the original aspect Isco He accompanied the photo with a survey in which he asked the fans whether he was fat or not.

The midfield midfielder, tired of the criticism he receives and the images spreading to claim he does not receive minutes from Santiago Solari due to his physical condition, announced this poll to respond to the debate.

Without a shirt and with pants for training, the player of Real Madrid in front of the mirror. The fans response seems to be favorable for Isco, which shows that his original initiative pays off.

Also, in recent hours, and amid rumors within Real Madrid the supposed bad connection between Isco and the coach Santiago Solari, a companion of the skillful meritel player went out to give him his support. And it was Danny Carvalhaw who, after defeating 2-0 against Valencia in Santiago Bernabeu, did not escape the bulk of his conversation with the press.

"The club's philosophy is to sign the youth for a mid-term project and everyone is ready to play here, I want to congratulate Marcos Llorente who made a very good game, like the previous day. Isco is the most," said the 26-year-old.

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