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All racing titles – 03/31/2015

Agrarden showed that trophies remained … The race is the new Super League champion, and Chacho Cudet's hand returned to give him an Olympic lap after five years. The last time was in 2014 with Diego Coca in the bank. Overall, Avelaneda's team has 36 titles, of which 18 are from local championships: nine amateurism and nine professionalism. In addition, this new sanctification has extra densities during the classical load: He used another advantage of the Independent, who stayed at 16.

On the other hand, The Academy won six international titles (He also raised the Inter-American Super Cup 1988, which was not recognized by Connemell) and, apparently, the most memorable are Libertadores and Intercontinental in 1967. To complete, the club accumulates 12 national amateur era cups. Here, one by one.

The last Academy title was in 2014, with Cocca at the bank.

The last Academy title was in 2014, with Cocca at the bank.

18 local words

1) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1913:In the first league title of amateurism, Racing finished first in the tournament in one wheel between 15 teams. He qualified for the first time, entered the second phase and after a tibara with River, entered the final against San Isidro: he was 2-0 with double Alberto Ohaco. Then, he won six, It was celebrated in 1921 and the last of this era was in 1925.

2) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1914: Bimkampenno arrived on the road undefeated, with 12 parties, 11 wins and one tied. He scored 23 points, with 42 goals in favor and 7 against. In the second place were Estudiantes de Buenos Aires and goalkeeper, Alberto Oako with 20 goals.

3) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1915: To become a threefold champion, he had to play with a tie-breaker at the Club Atlético San Isidro, as they both qualified in the first place at the end of the championship. In the field of Independiente, the Academy wins 1-0 with a goal from Alberto Markovecchio. The archer was again Alberto Ohco, with 31 cries.

4) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1916: The fourth consecutive title came with a 21-game campaign, with 15 wins, four unresolved and two losses. Second was Platense.

5) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1917: The fifth game ended with 16 wins, three draw and one loss. He left the river in second place and had the champion championship: Alberto Markovecki, with 18 points.

6) Argentina's Football Association Championship 1918: The sixth came with the undefeated under his arm. They were 17 wins and two were unsettled and they took 11 points in front of the river, the second-placed. In addition, Akad had a shooter: Alberico Zabaleta, with 13 goals.

7) Championship of the Amateur Football Association 1919: The seventh consecutive title to close an unprecedented era in the history of football in Argentina also brought in an uncertain way with one detail: won 13 games. Zabaleta again ended up as a 16-goal scorer.

8) Championship of the Amateur Football Association 1921: In a longer tournament, with 38 dates, Racing was highlighted by adding 66 points to a product of 30 wins and six unresolved. In the second place was River. And Alberico Zabaleta again ended up as a scorer of the match, with 32 crying.

9) Championship of the Amateur Football Association 1925: In the latest title of amateurism, Racing was an undefeated champion with 39 points, three more than San Lorenzo: 15 wins, 9 tied and not lost.

10) Championship 1949 Championship: The first success of professionalism came in the late 40's. On a wheelbill tour of 18 teams, Racing was the champion with 49 points (the river was second with 43). The best scorer of the team was Lamil Simes (26), who was the top scorer of the championship with Juan Jose Picutti (Banfield).

11) Championship 1950 Championship: In second place came after winning 23 matches, equaling only one and losing 10. He won eight points for Boca and the Independent.

12) 1951 First Division Championship: To become the first three-time champion of Argentine football in the professional era, Racing had to play with a teenager with Banfield, making him equal in the first place at the end of the tournament. In the first match he was tied to zero and in the rematch, the Academy wins 1 to 0 with a goal by Mario Boje.

13) Championship 1958 Championship: Seven years after Three, he will return to the Olympic Circle with a good campaign: 16 wins, 9 unsolved and 5 losses.

14) Championship Championship 1961: He drew seven points to San Lorenzo to exclaim the champion. On 30 dates, he barely lost two games. Great campaign.

15) Championship Championship 1966: The famous Jose racing, which will later make the history on the international level, added a new national star after a bell, with a single defeat against the River, which will end in second place.

16) Open tournament 2001: After 35 years of drought, Akadem again shouted the champion on the hand of Mustard Merleau. In a heart attack tournament, he first finished with 42 points, just one more than Millionaire. Historical consecration was on 12/27/2001: 1-1 against Velez (goal at the head of Loeschor), in Jose Amalfitani. In total, he won 12, tied 6 and lost one (34 goals for and 17 against). El Changchi Estevez, with seven goals, He was a team-shooter, which included great players such as Claudio Ubeda, Adrian Bastia and Jose Chatruk, as well as the young Diego Milito, who was changing between the starters.

17) First World Championship 2014: Thirteen years later, the Academy returned to the Olympic Circle. He finished the championship with 41 points and again left the river in second place (39). With a pair of Boo (10 goals) and Milito (6), those led by Diego Coca were only champions. On December 14, 14 won 1-0 in Godoy Cruz in Avelaneda with a goal from Riki Centurion and the champion was consecrated. The team? Saha; Pulud, Lolo, Jonathan Cabral, Grimi; Gastón Díaz, Videla, Aued, Centurión; Boo and Milito.

18) Superliga 2018/2019: Coudet team won the top of the fourth date and no longer started. There were ups and downs, He endured the pressure of defense and justice and celebrated a date before Tigre, in Victoria. With the inspiration of Lisandro Lopez, Aria's hands, Siegali's strength, Chelo Diaz hierarchy and contribution to the last part of Zwitanych, Chacho had a hierarchy in all ranks and for the first time he chanted the champion in his career as a coach.


1) Congratulations Cooper 1913: It was challenged by Racing, the Champion of the Congregational Cup of the Buenos Aires Municipality, and National, the Uruguay Football Association Cup champion. Both matches were played in Montevideo. On November 6, it was 1 to 1 (goal of the Juan Hospital), and on December 8, races won 3-2 with goals from Alberto Markovecki (2) and Juan Hospital.

2) Ripattrains Champion Dr. Ricardo K. Aldau Cup 1917: Racing was challenged to be the champion of the 1917 Argentine Football Association and National Cup championship to be the league champion of the Uruguay Football Association. They went 2-2 to Montevideo (goals by Juan Perrineti and Nicholas Vivaldo), and the Academy won the second leg in Avelaneda with 2 goals from Alberto Oacoa and Francisco Olazar.

3) Ripattrains Champion Dr. Ricardo K. Aldau Cup 1918: This time, the races confronted Péonal in a duel between the Argentine and Uruguayan champions. The only match was played and the title went to Avelaneda by winning from 2 to 1, with goals from Markovecki and Zabaleta.

4) Copa Libertadores de America 1967: On August 29, a team led by Juan José Picutti rose to the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile: he won with 2: 1 in Nacional de Montevideo and was the first Argentine club to win at Libertadores. The first final, contested in the cylinder, ended 0-0. Having the same result in the rematch, in the Centennial of Uruguay, the third game had to be played on a neutral pitch. The 11 were: Eggs Martin, Perfume, Basile, Diaz; Ruli, Mori, Machio; Karendas, Raffo and Cardoso.

The race won in Libertadores in 1967.

The race won in Libertadores in 1967.

5) Intercontinental Cup 1967: The unforgettable final with Scottish Celtic also needed a ticker. In the first match, in Glasgow, the local won 1-0. In the rematch, in a crowded cylinder, The race won 2-1. Thus, the third game was played in the Centennial and Akkad was the first Argentine team to win the title world with the historic goal of Chano Karendas.

6) Supercopa Sudamericana 1988 (Libertadores championship championship): it was the famous pile in which it eliminated the River in the semifinals in the Monumental, with Fabbri's agonizing goal in the rematch; After 2-1 in the first leg, he was 0-1 in exchange and the defender tied him in the head. With Coco Basile at the bank, he won the White Circuit in Cruzeiro, 2-1 in the first half and 1-1 after returning, with the Catalan goal. 11: Philol; Vasquez, Costas, Fabri, Olanan; Acuña, Ludueña, Colombatti, Ruben Paz; Walter Fernandez and Catalan. Medina White was also very important, as was Totti Iglesias, sold during the tournament.


1) Beginning of honor Municipality of Buenos Aires 1912

2) Argentine Championship Dr. Carlos Ibaruenen Championship 1913

3) Beginning of honor Municipality of Buenos Aires 1913

4) Argentine Championship Dr. Carlos Ibarguren Championship 1914

5) Beginning of honor Municipality of Buenos Aires 1915

6) Argentine Championship Dr. Carlos Ibarganen Championship 1916

7) Beginning of honor Municipality of Buenos Aires 1917

8) Argentine Championship Dr. Carlos Ibargan Championship 1917

9) Argentine Championship Dr. Carlos Ibaruenen Championship 1918

10) Honorary Honor Mr Adrián Beccar Varela 1932

11) 1933 Cup competition

12) British Competition Cup "George VI" 1945

All titles of the Academy.

All titles of the Academy.

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