Sunday , April 18 2021

Alberto Fernandez takes the campaign: defining the formula for the city of Buenos Aires and the travel agenda with CFK

At 08:00 in the morning, Alberto Fernandez already combines with Juan Mansour, governor of Tucumán, who will make a public gesture to support him, and at the same time to show his health. They talked about a video or photo, and the president who was trying to re-elect the former health minister visited the Otamendi clinic at noon. Fernandez is expecting this to some of his closest policy circles, who also gave indications of some open issues to advance in the organization of the stage called the "pre-election campaign". With several speeches about the importance of Tucuman: it is the sixth province in the national register (3.64%) and in 2017 82.18% of the authorized citizens voted (the first was San Luis with 82.98%), which meant more than one million votes.

Since Cristina Fernandez chose to run the formula, she said that "Manzur is playing well", that is, on the side of the formula of neo-hygiene, although it has very good ties with the peronists located in the opposite religion like Luis Barrinuuevo, who was an auditor of PJ and ran out time from that place to Jose Luis Jorge. For everything that Tukumaran represents, and for the love he feels for the governor, Fernandez wanted to make a strong gesture of support (a gesture that was mutual), and even had intentions to travel on a Sunday to celebrate in Tucumang if, like which is expected, Manzur is again pushed. In principle, he will not do this because yesterday he was still upset when he breathed a product of an inflammation of the pleura and his friends advised him to continue the activity calmly and without relocating from Buenos Aires. Who will go so that the space will be presented to the governor will be Victor Santa Maria, president of the capital of P.J. and one of the leaders who are closest to the presidential candidate today.

Manjour said he had seen him physically and there was a video that served as a backup in the last part of the campaign and discouraged the candidate's health versions. It's not the same case for other governors who do not want to nationalize the campaign at the risk of losing their votes. For example, Gustavo Bordeaux, who also played his re-election on Sunday, or Sergio Unjak, who made a landslide victory last week and who will now visit Fernandez, after seeking the unity of peronism.

Another who spoke, though by phone, was Fernando "Chino" Navarro, who after two years in which he deepened the friendship he does not boast, Fernandez knows different tones of voice and spirit. He listened with enthusiasm and "vital", as he defined him, in addition to listening to his anxiety to leave the sanatorium to resume the agenda he had to stand by for several days.

The candidate's agenda has priorities: while some Buenos Aires officials are talking to Sergio Massa, Fernandez is the one who took the reins in the capital. On Monday morning, Matthias Lammen was received in his home in Puerto Madero, who had already decided to play in the space of the expanded crochet. The president of San Lorenzo, whose term ends, told him privately and will repeat it publicly: he will be the candidate for the head of government in the city. It remains only to know whether Lamezia will be a candidate for unity on the front that includes different parties (which would mean that Mariano Recalde and Victoria Dondo have given up their previous candidacies) or if there will be a STEP. Internal debate is heard at various perronistic gatherings. There are those who say that you can not "give" the extra party of candidacy and there are those who are looking for a gesture that shows that it is a new project "and nothing more than the same." That is to say: if Cristina Fernandez is a candidate for vice-president and Axel Kitsiloff is the governor of Buenos Aires, they are obliged to open the space in the city and add where they are not collected.

Among the issues that Fernandez defined, it does not pass one day without talking to his partner with the formula, whether they are traveling. The one who will come out first will be Christina Fernandez, who will travel to Santiago del Estero with the excuse for presenting her book "Honestly" next Tuesday. As she did at the Book Fair in Buenos Aires, the former president will be shown at events with a different profile and as an author, and not an earlier candidate when the election deadlines have not yet been made available. Zamora was last week with Alberto Fernandez and maintained a very good relationship with the CFC, which was the vice president of the Senate and was even in line with the presidential succession, despite having good ties with Juan Manuel Urtubay and Sergio Massa and the government of Mauricio Macri.

In addition to Santiago, Cristina Fernandez should travel to Rosario and Chaco. In Rosario, the peronism decided on Roberto Zuckerman to be elected mayor after being individually imposed in PASO. Of course, Zuckerman must give a strong fight against the progressive Pablo Dzevkin that if he adds the votes he got to PASO and the Socialist Veronica Irizar, whom he wins, he will be the next mayor.

Also, Alberto Fernandez planned to travel this week accompanied by Felipe Sola, but failed to complete the organization of the visit because he was previously hospitalized. If he or she wants to help Zuckerman, he should travel before the next Thursday. With Omar Peroti, a candidate for a governor, it is very likely that they do nothing; the senator perronist plays only, does not nationalize and does not want to risk in a scenario that is quite struggling.

According to what is being discussed between the Patriot Institute and the Fernandez team, there may be a surprise on a trip where the previous presidential candidate and his candidate may coincide, as they did in Merlo a few weeks ago.

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