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After the release, Patricia Bulrich received Lino Villar Catallo: "It was his life or that of delinquency" – 26/04/2015

The Minister of National Security, Patricia Burich, received this Friday Dr. Lino Villar Catallo, who was freed from the popular jury in recent hours, following the killing of a thief during a robbery in 2016 in San Martin and Guaranteed protection from possible reprisals.

"Of course, as a minister, he needs the doctor and his family. There are precautionary measures that this ministry can have before whom they want to exploit the situation and get revenge, because the only valid thing is justice, "the official said.

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At a news conference from the headquarters of the portfolio, Bulrich said Cataldo "had to defend himself in a way that no one wants to do that, but it was his life or that of the victims"" We hold this philosophy for the doctor and for all cases in which we believe there is a legitimate defense or fulfillment of duty, "he added.

Patricia Bulrich received Lino Villar Catoldo.

Patricia Bulrich received Lino Villar Catoldo.

Bulrich compared the acquittal to a professional with a similar verdict that last year, the bastard Daniel Billy Ojarzun, who ran and killed a perpetrator who attacked him in his premises in Zarate, assured him that he could generate jurisprudence in the case of police Luis Chocobar, who will be tried for the murder of a thief who pierced a tourist in La Boca.

In turn, Cataldo said he was still afraid of the possible retaliation of the dead thief's family. "It has never been lost. At the beginning there were many threats. I'm still afraid of me and my children, They need to go to work and perform other activities. The minister said I would have the security measures that suit them to be calmer, "he said.

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In addition, he thanked Bulrich for his support from the start. "I read what he said:" Let's not transform the victim into a victimizer. "And indeed it is a true fact that often happens," he said.

On his confrontation with the attacker, he repeated that he was "unlucky fact, did not want"" I trained as a doctor to save lives, not to take them. And in this case, life is lost, it does not matter who is a criminal. Thanks to God and the popular jury, they freed me and I am free, "he concluded.

Villar Catoldo, who attended his private practice and worked as a surgeon at the De Boulogne Hospital (San Isidro), arrived at the trial for having been fired by four thieves Ricardo Nunu Krabler, 24, who tried to steal his car from him. the door of his office in Ombou 6865, in Loma Hermosa, San Martin, on August 26, 2016.

This Thursday, the doctor was declared "innocent" from a popular jury, who thinks he acted "in a legitimate defense".


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