Thursday , May 6 2021

After the poisoning, Aldosavi is getting ready

Tomorrow, from 17:10, they will challenge it Aldosivi and San Lorenzo de Almagro match corresponding to date 14 of Super League Argentina. To be in the city of Mart del Plata, without visiting the public, at the stadium "Joe Mara Minella".

The coach of Cicln, Jorge Almir, has already defined the eleven who will confront Tibur: Nicols Navarro; Vork Salazar, Andres Herrera, Gianluca Ferrari, Marcos Senesi, Elas Pereira; Fernando Beluski, Guernomo Poblete, Ruben Botta; Adolfo Haich and Nicole Rennie. In the middle of the field, Poblete returns after the suspension with a yellow color accumulation. Without the presence of the attacker, Nicholas Blundy, who is suffering from anxiety, the one who will accompany Rennie for the young Guy.

San Lorenzo's maximum goal is to try to finish as much as possible in the placement of the Local Tournament before the break. Yesterday, DT gave a press conference in which I stress the importance of the upcoming commitments: "They are two very important matches for us, Aldosivi and Estudiantes, we do not play against Khurkan and we do not know when to play, so our reality is that the next rival is Aldosavi and we are focused on it."

On the other hand, the panorama in Aldosavi is different: Gustavo Newarez on Saturday urged all campuses to see what are in the conditions to be concentrated. Why? Several members of the Aldosivi camp are affected by a virus whose origin is unknown. From the first days of the week, Tibur could not exercise with the whole campus because of this intoxication. For this reason, with some losses, possible eleven will be: Luciano Pornadzic; Emanuel Iguez, Emiliano Amor, Leonel Galeano and Lucas Villalba; Federico Gino, Dardo Miloc and Juan Galeano; Matas Pisano, Denis Strawakluri and Christian Chavez.

To take into account: Buenos Aires province police say that, despite the previous authorization from Aprivid, the match against Aldosivi against San Lorenzo on Sunday will not have a public visit.
The decision was made because of no operational capacity, as police forces will be affected at the G20 summit and the Ironman competition, which will be this week. Official site of Aldosivi.

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