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After the G20 will open the airports, but recommends arriving in Ezeiza two hours in advance – 01/12/2018

The Ezeiza International Airport will register an intense movement this afternoon because between 16 and 23 years leaders and various committees that attended at the G20 summit that culminates this Saturday.

In this situation, from Ministry of Transport the nation recommended to travelers that they must fly from Ezeiza between those schedules, predict 120 minutes arriving at the air terminal because the Richey highway will alternately lower the arm to the airport to allow the implementation of official commissions. On the other hand, 25 highways De Mayo and Delepiane will remain closed.

In addition, they recommend the use of applications like Waze or Google Maps, where the clip information will be updated from minute to minute.

Leaders attending the summit will begin to return from 16th and the games will be extended to 23, with the exception of Chinese President Xi Jinping who will continue in Buenos Aires as part of his state visit and leave only Sunday for around 16 years

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