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After his short stay, Diego Maradona reassured everyone and confirmed he would return to Mexico – 04/01/2015

Peacefulness It radiates the voice of Diego Armando Maradona and that he tried to shift those who were concerned about his health this Friday when he was interned for several hours at the Olimos Clinic after conducting a routine study. "I entered the clinic at the age of 58 and I left 50 years old, I joked with the best player of all time, who denied that during his visit to the health center he discovered a physical problem that required special attention and was ready to return to Mexico directs Dorado.

"I went to make resonances. Idiots are like ants, they are everywhere. Nothing happenedLove does not change: everyone wanted me the best, "said the star of Villa Fiorito in a statement made to Radio La Redon shortly after leaving the clinic, which was subjected to a series of studies scheduled for the Federation. Mexican football requires coaches to present physical ability.

As reported Clarin from the district of the former captain of the Argentine national team, Diego was diagnosed with gastric bleeding, for which he had to remain under surveillance. At sunset he was fired, but he must undergo a small operation and will have to reschedule his trip to Mexico.

In addition, the Ten have shown their joy for agreeing on continuity throughout the whole Sinaloa, which will try to win Torneo Clausura from the Asenso League, which will allow him to play the final for a place in the highest category against Atletico San Luis, Apertura champion (he won the final against Dorado).

"I'm going for a rematch. Dorados is waiting for me. I said not a few offers from Mexico and they are proud. The president is great with me, "said Maradona." I'm changing the coaching staff because (Louis) Islas already flies alone, "he added, and discovered it his brother Lalo could join his team.

For now, the team of Sinaloa will start spinning in Clausura without a coach on Saturday midnight (time in Argentina) when he gets Selaya at the Barrot stadium. While Diego's absence continues, the team will be led by a new assistant, Jose Maria Martinez.

El dan not only talked about his health and his future in Mexico, but also for the Argentine national team, the presence of Boca and his relationship with Lionel Messi. In the national team, he asked "to take command (Daniel) Angelic and (Rodolfo) D & # 39; Onofrio" and charged with AFA President Claudio Tapia: "I do not want to speak from him any more because he has betrayed me to continue to do all the stupid things he does."

Also is considered to be the "successful" arrival of Gustavo Alfaro in Boca. "It seems to me that he is a barbarian who chose him, it is the most that Argentine football has for Boca, no other capable and with more wisdom than Alfaro, I wish him good luck all over the world," he said.

Messi declared all his love "out of heart" and challenged those who wanted to distance him from Barcelona's captain in order to "continue to suck."

Finally, when a desire for the year that had just begun was requested, he did not hesitate: "The only thing I ask God to leave is (Mauricio) Macri".

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