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After controversy because it could not be made, Jennifer Dalgren was wearing an elegant dress at the G20 party – 12/01/2013

The gala party of the G20 at Teatro Colón, on Friday night, had many luxury guests, but the presence of Jennifer Dalgren, The Argentine Olympic representative in throwing a hammer, was particularly special.

The Athlete recently publicly condemned this I did not get a dress of its size to attend the party and its demand, which makes it a visible permanent problem for a large sector of the population, It went viral.

Of course, Santiago Artemis, recognized a pop star designer, offered to dress. And Dalglish could have enjoyed it. Intensely red, with a bare hand and long to the ground, Dahgren's "Original Artemis" was at the same time a trophy of battle that is much harder than any high-performance game. In the photo shoot before Columbus, The 34-year-old sportsman showed with pride.

On November 8, she strongly abandoned her social networks for discrimination she suffered when buying clothes. "My 120-100-115 are out of bounds again. And I'm ending frustrated with everything, crying in my car, "he posted on Twitter with a photo showing his pain.

The message was quickly replicated throughout the network, the media echoed and the designer Santiago Artemis publicly offered his help: "I saw you, treasure!" He wrote in his reply to Twitter.

On Sunday, Dalgren was present in the program, Myrta Legrand, where she dealt in depth with the problem of finding no shouts: "We have a distorted perception of what is acceptable in the body. As a girl I went to the pool and left my shirt on uncertainty. "On Instagram he also said:" When I think I had a lot of things, this happens to me and I feel like I'm going back to zero"

In other tweets, the athlete turned to what it means to live without the ability to freely choose how to dress. "I do not remember well at what moment in my life I stopped seeing stained glass windows, I stopped falling in love with the dresses I saw, because I learned that they would never enter me"A cascade of support messages flooded the Internet, and Dalgren thanked all the people who shared the claim.

The intervention of Artemis, a clothing designer dressed in no one other than Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Lali Esposito of Argentina, was crucial to give a positive closeness to the story. Not for nothing the phrase on the head of this young fashion referent is "no time for shame".

Santiago Artemida, fashion designer.

Santiago Artemida, fashion designer.

Dalgren, who is also an Inadi ambassador and describes herself in her networks as a "positive body and anti-bullying", has shown that her 20,000 followers claim to be the same as that of many people and is also based of illegality: brands of clothing do not comply with the laws of sizes.

A few days later, he had a meeting in Inadi to tackle the problem, which has been causing conflicts for years, as there are few clothing brands that respect size laws and present opportunities for all types of bodies.

Although the anecdote had a happy ending, the athlete points out that the problem is much deeper and is expected to continue to fight to make this act of discrimination visible.

In the earth There are 12 current size laws, but they do not guarantee that companies can make clothes according to different textures of the body.

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