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Advent of an epidemic epidemic of dengue in Argentina

“Check in 2017 and 2018 for observations of a significant reduction in the number of casinos in all regions, registrations en las primeras 37 semas de 2019, maestro un repunte preocupante who is debating the agenda of the annual conference in the Region of Cono Sur ”.

Contents of this information “Dengue – Situación Epidemiológica en las Américas 2019 ” Fundación Mundo Sano elaborate the list of official figures of the Ministerial Council of the Region, coordinated with the OMS data.

The dengue is the arbovirosis associated with the frequency and impact of the disease on the lungs. that is about 40% of the potential population in this area of ​​infestation.

“Desde Mundo Sano consider extremely impressive plans for preventing and reducing the environmental burden of cruising and mosquito control. Y recomendamos reforzar las tareas of limpieza and control of patios and fondos de las casas, that only allow the recipients to convert, that is, to emulate the temporal transformation of the criaderos ”, destacaron a Infobae los responsables del contenido.

Según cifras oficiales, se producen alrededor de 90 millones of infectious syntax and 20,000 muertes per audio of more than 125 endemic species. Of the 30 countries that have reported incidence of dengue, 18 (60%) belong to the Region of the Americas (OMS, 2018).

Responsive to Aedes Aegypti transmission, an urban pattern mosque present in both the vicinity and territories of the Americas, exempt Canada and continental Chile. The only result of this amplitude is the dispersion of the audio transmitter register in the audio output.

Entre el 2010 y el 2017 2017 has a record 12.72 million casinos of sound, as if marcaba was just a trend of a number of casinos de la immersedad in las america.

A level of support, the 81.59% of the total casinos in the notable Brasil jun con con 62.99% of the los muertes, in the Cono Sur region, where 80.68% of casinos graves grow in Honduras. There are 4 serotypes of dengue that are identifiable in all regions, as is serotype 2 that is associated with the casino graves and one mayor mortalidad.

The mayorales letalidades (muertes / casos totales), present in Honduras and Guatemala, as embargo the estimator of the muertes / casos graves; This set the tone of the alarm system in function of preparation and respiration against an epidemic.

Epidemic epidemic in Argentina 2019-2020

At night time, in the primaries of 27 semesters, that registers 2,965 casos (confirmados + probables). Entre las semanas 11 y 23 se 77% de los casos. Epidemiológico Nacional Epidemiológico de Boluerín, 90% of los casos focalizaron in 4 provinces:

The provinces of Jujuy and Misiones record circuits of serotypes 1 and 4, which are only to be identified solely with serotype 1.

As Aedes aegypti is now present in the provinces of central and northeastern Argentina, there is no actual maritime dynamics, only evidence of infestation within the octopus of mayo, coincidences with the period of viral circulation.

Here's how to get ahead of the rails with an anterior view that is registered in CentroAmerica, Mexico and the Northeast of Brazil, which is implicitly planned to prevent accidents, to reduce environmental damage and to control environmental hazards. , as it is available only for communications and communication purposes at the end of a public lecture hall.

At a global level, more than 3,900 million people over 140 years of age are at risk of malaria causing 400 miles of defunct cadres, specifically in such menus, as reported by the Organization. Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

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