Sunday , June 20 2021

According to Came, the price difference between the producer and the gondola of agricultural products fell by 3.5%

The difference in prices between the origin and destination of agricultural products has fallen for the third consecutive month. The consumer paid 4.96 times more with the gondola than the producer received at the door of his office. In the case of agricultural products, the difference decreased by 4.2% to 5.29 times, while for farmers it remained virtually unchanged 3.63 times. Orange, apple, lemon, carrot and zucchini returned to products with a larger difference. Egg and chicken, least.

The price gap between what the consumer paid and what the producer received for agricultural products fell in October by 3.5% and then fell by 15.6% in three months. On average, consumers paid 4.96 times more than the producer charged. Similarly, the gap remains high for most products.

The lemon. lettuce. Red pepper. carrot and eggplant they were the main products explaining the improvement of the gap, all with a strong rise in producer prices.

The data comes from the Index of origin and destination prices (IPOD) developed by regional CAME economies based on daily online prices of major supermarkets in the country; more than 700 food and market prices for each product and the price of the origin of the main production areas, which releases a team of 35 interviewers.

In October, the agricultural IPOD reached the value of 5.29 times, 4.2% less than in September.

Meanwhile, IPOD for livestock increased by 0.3%, reaching 3.63 times, practically the same as in September (3.62 times).

The producer's share in the final price slightly increased to an average of 22.9%.

The products with the largest gaps in October are: orangewhere the price multiplied by 10.12 times since it left the producer's field, red apple with a multiplication of 8.89 times,lemon from 7,05 times, carrot from 6.92 times and courgette from 6.59 times.

In a special case orange, which is the IPOD product with the largest gap, the increase was 41.1% during the month (almost 3 times). This increase is due to the decline in producer prices by 19.2%, while gondola prices increased by 14.1%. Regarding what happened, the decline occurred mainly in the province of Entre Ríos, where the price increased from 5.73 USD to 4.06 USD, or 29.2%. Entre Ríos had a number of climatic problems that caused significant fluctuations in both product quantity and quality. This caused a sharp rise and fall in prices. As the climate issue normalized, production gradually increased, which led to regulation of producer prices, but not to target prices, which probably increased at the rate of general inflation in the economy.

In the meantime, products with smaller gaps were: eggin which the consumer paid only 2.21 times more than the producer received, the same as in September, chicken 2.47 times, Swiss chard 2.96.cabbage 3.55 and round tomato 3.67 times

In case of egg and chicken meat the gaps remain very stable throughout the year, showing a high correlation between what is happening with the prices of origin and destination.


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