Monday , June 14 2021

Aaron Carter Destroyed "The Resignation of Neverland" and disqualified the alleged victims of his friend Michael Jackson

Some fans, family and some friends from Michael Jackson reject the statements of two men documentary "Leaving Neverland" where accused the singer of abuse of them when they were children

One of the defenders of "The King of Pop" is Aaron Carter, who made a video call to the site during a visit to California TMZ to defend Jackson and by accident, criticize Wade Robson and Jimmy Safif for his accusations.

In the TMZ Live program, Nick Carter's younger brother from Backstreet Boys He said he was considering it the documentary is completely fake, but he became even more upset when he was tagged in a Twitter conversation.

Account on the social network it allegedly belonged to Wade Robson suggested that Aaron was abused by Jackson or that, at least, I knew that the singer abused other children.

Carter said these accusations can not be beyond reality since he lived with Michael Jackson with his brother Nick in the early 2000s.

"Wade, I'm very disappointed in you, because I do not understand why he's dragging me in the conversation. I will be a pop singer, but I am from the south, and if you mess with me, I will strike you in the face, because what you do is a step in the grave of someone who trusted you, "he told Aaron in front of the camera, as if to talk to Wade Robson.

He admitted that he slept in the "King of Pop" and swore that nothing improper happened. That's why it ishe is sure that the two protagonists of the documentary are lying, especially Wade Robson.

"I remember I had the best times in Neverland. I was about 15 years old and I remembered that he was sitting with me and advised me to be a perfectionist and focus on my music career. I worshiped Michael as those who now blame him, but now I see them as adults who first defended him, and then, When they die, they will decide to speak against him. They retreat to his grave! ".

Carter said he did not believe the accusations were true. "It's not based on my experience, because I spent time in his room and in bed. It's hard for me to understand when my experience with him was nice, gentle and loving, and that was it, "he told TMZ.

The names of Aaron Carter and Michael Jackson were already titles when In 2011, the young man's alleged statements were published providing it "The King of Pop" gave him wine and cocaine.

According to the magazine Good! from Australia, Carter said that Jackson offered him substances when he was only 15 years old. He even invited him to sleep in Neverland, and when he woke up, Michael was in bed with him.

Carter's representative denied the information and said the artist never said that in an interview, although reporter Daphne Barak defended his story.

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