Sunday , January 24 2021

A woman gave birth to a home and sipped the baby in a septic chamber

An inadequate event took place this Tuesday in the city of Aerogé, Buenos Aires. A 19-year-old girl gave birth to her home, and then threw her son into a septic tank. Sources of the investigation believe that the baby died dive. For the crime, the woman is interned with police custody.

The fact is transferred from the recognition of the young woman, identified as Angelica, who went to the municipal clinic in Sofia Terreiro of Santamarina de Monte Grande, the party of Esteban Echveria. There The medical staff found that the patient had placental remains in the stomach.

According to spokeswoman for the Lomas de Zamora courts, they have informed the news channel Chronicle, the woman found that she had a domestic birth in his modest home in the neighborhood of Malvini Argentina in Adrogue, and that Then he decided to throw the newborn into a septic tank on the property.

From the health center they immediately reported the incident, and police personnel went to the building of the young woman on Jose Ingenieros Street at 100, between the avenue Pedro Suarez and Eustacia Diaz Velez, where the terrible confession confirmed: They found the baby dead. They estimate that he drowned in the septic chamber.

For the crime committed, the Court finds that the 19-year-old woman should be detained and interrogated, with police custody at the Monte Grande Polyclinic.

The case titled "Murder Threatened by Link" was made by prosecutor Marcel Alehandra Juan of UFI 16 in Lomas de Zamora.

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