Sunday , May 16 2021

A warm demonstration by Nolia Marzol that bothered them in the Polish

"I do not pour, if it's not with my boyfriend, he's already sick," he said, "if we are together, we bathe." "We are waiting for a certain amount of time because it's time to bathe." "It's strictly hygienic, because nothing happened while we were bathing" said the blonde.

When Andy wanted to find out more about this practice, the actress also added that she wanted to make the "chicken" with her partner and for everyone to understand, did act with Polako, in which she approached the tropical singer.

"You play with fire," comedian Gutman astonished, while the rest of the guests laughed loudly.

Unfaithful without wine

In another part of the program, Noelia Marzol surprised everyone by admitting that she was unfaithful to all her former partners and that she never felt guilty.

"I think that all my former ones have offended me and I was unfaithful to my former connections. I am not proud to say, but I do not feel guilty. It's bad, very bad, it looks like a very cold person," explained the model.

"I wish they would not mess with me and not be unfaithful, but it's hard for me to implement it, first because I can not control the other," he added.

When it seemed that she could end up with a scandal, Marzol clarified that at the moment she is very well with her boyfriend and that she is faithful to him.


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