Monday , August 2 2021

A very reaction to Dartes's eldest son against the chronicler of the Noticias magazine – 01/03/2015

The magazine "News"he expects Twitter to have a note on his next edition Juan Dartes and his family in Brazil and told about the heavy reaction that one of the actor's children had against the chronicler I was a guard at the hotel with the intention of getting an interview.

Twitter on "News":" In joint work with Karas Brazil, NEWS is the only means that can be found by Juan Dartte in Brazil, after his trip to the neighboring country after Telma Fardin's cancellation against him. "

Then he went on to explain: "The reporter was at the reception of Hotel Transamerica International Plaza de San Pablo to try to interview Juan Dartte, but the actor, along with his wife, stepped back in a suitcase without a statement."

Then, as reported "News", there was a rough reaction of one of the children of Juan Dartes against the journalist of the publication: "Already at the door of the institution, Dartes's eldest son faced the journalist: "What are you doing with us? We are at rest and you are disturbed." He went angry, took the phone and threatened to throw him in. Although he later returned it"

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