Wednesday , April 21 2021

A strong sex scene between La China, Suarez and Gonzalo Eredia at ATAB

Raul Zimmerman (La China Suarez) is tired of living locked in the Seraphina convention, hiding to avoid that Trauman (Fernand Mirash) reveals that he is alive or that Alessia Ferres (Mereces Funes) learns that she has a relationship with Aldo Moretti (Gonzalo Heredia). For this reason, the Polish asked her lover to leave the city to be free.

Aldo gets a property in San Isidro and suggests Raquel to go there to be alone. When they arrive, she is blinded by the place and begins to think about the possibility of leading a life without fear and full of her partner. Finally, in the room, they look in the eyes of each other, hug, kiss and give them freedom of passion.

Although they do not know that everything will fall apart, because Alicia learns that her fiancé has always cheated her to use it. Trauman appears in Ferrer's house and tells him that Aldo was visiting Rakel in his brothel. "They wanted to flee to the United States while I was telling you, I went to Moretti because I had stolen Raquel," warns the brothel owner.

Tertzuto Ferrera (Benjamin Vikuña), on the other hand, pretends to find the man behind the robberies he suffered. For this he hires a cartoonist who helps him to identify the subject who is tormenting his castle. He approaches and approaches the discovery that Bruno Salvat (Albert Barro) is behind everything.

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