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A prisoner from Magdalen's prison arranged a hantavirus

With this, nine cases of hantaviruses have been confirmed in Buenos Aires province.

A man of 40, who is a prisoner at the Magdalen Prison, near La Plata, was transferred to a hospital with great complexity in the capital Buenos Aires, because they have a contract with a hantavirus.

The man, serving his sentence in the Criminal Unit 28, felt a general weakness with pain in his wrists and head. In the prison's sanitary unit, with symptoms similar to those of influenza, he was subjected to tests that resulted in contact with a hantavirus, and therefore his transfer to San Juan de Dios Hospital in La Plata was transferred.

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There are already nine cases of reported and confirmed hantaviruses in the province of Buenos Aires.

Prison situation

The authorities of the Provincial Penal and Correctional Service conducted staff training to undertake measures for prevention and early diagnosis, in addition to operatives of fumigation and deratization "in different penitentiary institutions".

The Provincial Commission for Memory (CPM) has already requested that prevention and eradication activities should be carried out in prisons, police stations, closed youth centers and neuropsychiatric Buenos Aires to avoid infection from the virus that transmits the mouse to the colporteur.

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According to the CPM, through inspections in prisons, it was found "with great concern presence of rodents and lack of hygiene from the premises where detainees stay, two questions they make these places very favorable places for the spread of the disease"

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