Wednesday , May 12 2021

A patient who had to be isolated escaped from his home to execute procedures

Within 9 days, it will be two months since the onset of a huntavirus in the Chubut mountain range and the virus does not give rest to health authorities. Yesterday in Eskel was confirmed a new case. While another person was admitted to El Maiten and is under surveillance.

From the Ministry of Chubut, confirmed that the person hospitalized at Eskil entered the last 72 hours and is in a isolation room. In the same hospital, two other patients are recovering in the ward. While two others are in intensive care, stable and without mechanical ventilation.

For its part, the patient hospitalized at El Maiten was taken to hospital on Thursday after being isolated 72 hours in strict form. He is a resident of the same locality.

The ministry confirmed that since December 3, when the death of a 14-year-old adolescent, there are already 30 people infected with a huntavirus in Chubut and 11 deaths: 8 of Epyen, 2 from Trevelin – mother and daughter – and the rest of Palen, Chile.


On the other hand, it should be remembered that due to the outbreak of a hantavirus, 89 people still remain in mandatory isolation in Epyen (34), El Maiten (31), El Hoyo (1), Cholila (1), Esquel (15) and Travel 7).

As confirmed, one of those people violated yesterday's justice measure and was found by police to produce documents.

Commissioner Rodolfo Hess, head of the Eskel Regional Unit, in a dialogue with FM del Lago, confirmed that the incident occurred in Epune, where a person was absent from his home.

The fact was convicted, thanks to the fact that Criminal Justice of Chubut, through Judge Martin Zaccino, ordered compulsory isolation for those who might have a virus product to be in contact with someone from the infected.

This measure was requested by the Esquel Public Prosecutor's Office, measured by the Health Department of Chubut, after discovering cases where isolation was respected in possible suspicious cases.

For now, it is not known what punishment will impose justice and what the arguments of the perpetrator will be.

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