Monday , June 14 2021

A night of the best rock closed the festival of harvest

On the third day, the rock caused the clouds to decay, that the cold should stop, that the sun should rise in a few hours and that Greek Theater Frank Romero out of the stage for taste "blend" that combines vintage with agitation and distortion.

A blend that was removed for about 20 years, and served the last drink before dawn. After two days marked by rain and cold, the second repetition of National Festival of Harvest 2019 (third night if you take into account the fun on Saturday). And left a cliff mark in the foot, besides that a whistle held in the ear and inside the heads for several hours (probably still sounding to those who were there last night).

With The Greek theater is full – the day of the siesta the last last tickets were exhausted – the celebration was overnight last night. Although at the age of 19 he opened the doors of the property, the first fans came early. With their baskets prepared with drinks and food for fun, many even lived and "past" near the Greek theater Frank Romero The day and the hills (In fact, there were also significant public presence, classic of each year – also in repetitions – at these locations.)

Groups of grapes and fruits could not miss an appointment. – Patricio Caneo / Los Andes

About 20 began the official review of the second repetition; with artistic numbers, entertainment and interventions of the announcers who have done everything they could – and more – to be up to the evening (and no doubt succeeded). On 21:30 started the third game in the same number of nights at the central rank ("Weaving in the time of Vandamia"), where artists returned to show what they did on Saturday and Sunday.

Even on Saturday, his impeccable performance had extra value, both in the tables and in the air theater: in addition to the concentration of his skills, they had to face the water barrier and inevitable slipping.

Long life … After the art show, the rock began to conquer the scene. First, with the participation of one of the local loans: LAMP (because if you play Aplanadora, you can not miss LAMOLADORA). And then it was the end of one of the local bands that best presents today: Pasado Verde.

The entire Greek theater is waiting for rock bands. | Patricio Caneo / The Andes

With a huge call – to those who mark the presence of rags and their own songs, Mendoza came to the scene during the last minutes of Monday and made a lot of the audience sing. Already good on Tuesday, the power of the treasure Mollo-Arnedo-Ciavarella took control of the masses, the atmosphere and the dawn of more than 25,000 spectators who does not cease to be punished with the inevitable: "Listen to him, listen to him, listen to him …".

The same ones who did not mind staying at any time in Frank Romero's Day, and that they have resigned to sleep time – because today is a working day – to be destroyed Rokanol Rocker.


PREVIOUS MUSIC. Mímesis were local musicians in charge of musicizing the previous one. Before the earliest spectators, the musicians set up a wave and a moving scroll in which, fortunately, the cold gave a truce (more than necessary).

Delayed. The narrow throat of the streets around the theater and the delay to fill the stands resonated from the start of the central act on his third night.

LUMINARY RATES. In addition to mobile phones and games with people flashing; The feet, the balloons, and the transparent headers stood all night long. Contrasts of lights and darkness provided a beautiful postcard.

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