Friday , April 16 2021

A New Hope for Madeleine McCann's Parents: "We're Waiting for You"

More than 12 years after Medlin McCann disappeared, her parents reported that they had a new hope for a decision by the authorities. Therefore, they stressed that "there is still work to be done."

Kate and Gary, the parents of Madeline McCann He issued a statement through his spokesman Clarence Mitchell, where they reported it for an investigation of £ 11m, the British Interior Ministry awarded an additional £ 300k.

A spokesman for the family of Madeline McCann He stressed that: "Kate and Gary They expressed their gratitude to the police for all the work they did and continue to do the search for their daughter. "In addition, he noted that" they feel extremely encouraged that the Metropolitan police continue to believe that there is a lot of work to be done do it. "

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So "they are incredibly grateful to the Interior Ministry for securing an additional budget for the investigation," the statement said. "This shows that the authorities are still doing everything possible to get a resolution after all this time. And it gives them hope that one day they can finally find out what happened Madeline McCann ".

A New Hope for Madeleine McCann's Parents:
The girl's parents appreciated the work of the police.

A long time ago, Scotland Yard He reported that "a very small team" was working on the mysterious case of a girl who disappeared after three years of the apartment where she traveled with her family Praia da Luz, Portugal And he argued that the new funds would be used to look for "active consultation lines".

In that regard, the same media found that the 2013 Grange operation had a price of £ 11.75 million, and although 31 detectives initially worked, the amount was reduced over time, and in recent years, the researchers made only two trips to Portugal between 2017 and 2018.

According to "Sun", a source close to the case Madeline McCann He said "most of what Operation Grunge is to prepare things to overthrow and reject rather than following a certain fantastic advantage that can unlock everything. "

However, he said he did not know about the existence of "an advantage of disruption of land or immediate progress". Madeline McCann I would have been 16 years old and Netflix published a documentary where the girl's parents did not want to participate. In fact, they questioned him as "potential interference," since the police were actively searching at that time.

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A New Hope for Madeleine McCann's Parents:
12 years after his disappearance, the search for Madeleine McCann continues.

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