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A few cases of gastroenteritis after socks are re-Aire de Santa Fe

From the Malabrigo Hospital alerted to several cases of gastrointestinal problems that may have occurred, they may originate from the meat that was consumed after turning the truck on the road 11.

The statement does not say that, but it shows what the doctors have seen and they decided to warn him, so that people who consume that meat take the necessary precautions. If you have any symptoms, consult your doctor.

The accident took place on Tuesday 18 at Pat 11, under the authority of Vera.

A truck full of half cattle was inverted and the load was scattered on the shoulder.

The people who passed, took the opportunity to take the meat in the trunk of their cars.

Half of the cattle were far from the thermal truck and from outside many hours, which led the veterinarian to not approve it as suitable for consumption.

Statement of Malabrigo textual hospital

"Due to the high demand for consultation with gastrointestinal conditions in patients who said they were consuming beef from an inverted truck near the city this week, it is recommended that those who have this product take the necessary precautions before taking any. symptom, go to the hospital. "

So they took the meat, after rolling over

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