Friday , July 30 2021

A family member who threw his wife's body into a depot truck committed suicide at a police station where he was arrested

Juan Carlos Garcilazo, the man who killed his partner in the city of Loma Hermosa and who threw his body into a landfill, committed suicide at the ninth police station in Vila Balestra where he was arrested. Provincial sources reported that the femicide hung on this morning in one of the police unit's baths.

As explained InfobaeGarcilazo hung himself with a cable that he hid between his private parts and that he was tied to a bar at one of the openings, located at a height of three meters. Garzilazo, who entered the spa shortly before seven o'clock, had no other injury to his body. Intervened by the prosecutor Marcelo Sendo, from UFI 3 from San Martin, who carried out expert tests at the place where the body was found.

The man was accused of an aggravated murder by the link after he was killed Andrea Gabriela Lopez (46), his partner for more than 20 years and the mother of three children. The body of the victim was found on December 7th to a landfill, in front of a hardware store, after being rejected by Garcilazo himself.

As could be seen thanks to security cameras in the trade, Lopez's body was deposited on the road by the man who loaded it, left him there and went as if nothing had happened. A day later, the femicide was intercepted in a house located on Cuba Street in 9500 of that city, where it was hidden and bloody in the left hand, cutting the height of the wrist. Subsequent tests have determined that Andrea has a neck-compatible compatibility with the drowning.

While initially it turned out that the body was thrown from a moving car, the post-camera inspection revealed the truth. In the first hours after the discovery of the remains of a woman, her identity was unknown. While one of the daughters did not cry at the slots in the block phrase that leaves no room for doubt. "It's my mother, it's my mother!" Said a girl at the door of her house, just before the stage.

Then another one of the girl's brothers, aged 16, appeared before the courts. The victim, he said, was his mother, who lived just before the place where the body was found. Lopez was married for more than two decades with Garzilazo, a 53-year-old mason, with whom, in recent times, discussions with the possession of three children would be held.

While trying to clarify the case, the version came that the father of football player Lucas Vyatry was involved in the event. However, police sources have explained that the man is a neighbor merchant, only the owner of the hardware store provided on the tape, who said that Garcilazo is the one who left the body on the side of the truck.

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