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A difficult obstacle for Juan Darts – 01/01/2019

Juan Dartes continues to add problems to her life from the actress Telma Fardin he denounced him for allegedly rape before the justice of Nicaragua. Now, Darthés, who went to live in Brazil after the indictment against him was announced, received another failure: the actor was suspended from the Proekecto NGO Solariano Tigre, whose entity was sponsored for three years.

Photo Stock Telma Fardine has accused Juan Dartes of raping her during the tour

Photo Stock Telma Fardine has accused Juan Dartes of raping her during a tour of "Ugly Duck" in Nicaragua, when she was 16 years old. (Photo by Ariel Grinberg)

NGO Proyecto Solidario Tigre started working to help various soup kitchens in that city Buenos Aires and recently, focused on combating addictions. His authorities have decided separating Darts from the Organization.

In an exclusive dialogue with the portal Teleshow, the chairman of the NGO, Pablo Rossi, said:Darthés He was a godfather for three consecutive years. However, when the first cancellation of Calu Rivero at the beginning of 2018, we talked to him and we agreed that the most appropriate thing for the benefit of the Project was that he would stay aside until the situation was clarified. "

"By then, he spoke about defamation in the media," he explained. But then a series of complaints from other actresses began, so she did not return to sponsor the organization. And, finally, a few days ago testimony of Telma Fardin appeared. "

"This has hurt a lot for everyone we knew. Even I spent many moments with him, his wife and children""said Pablo Rossi.

When the NGO began to devote itself to the fight against addictions, Rossi published the book "Addiction, Exit". There, he includes references to Darts, with whom he had a very good relationship with whom he was grateful for his help to NGOs.

"I'm talking about Dartes and his family in the book because I saw them very often," Rossi said in an interview with TeleShow. this was a shock. But we continue to work as usual. Now, we gave another direction to the organization. And, even without a sponsor, we are continuing forward, "Rossi concluded.

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