Saturday , April 17 2021

A dead cat named Pikachu will be launched into space

Pikachu, a well-loved cottage, who died in January since complications after the battle with diabetes, will explode.

Owner Steve Moon plans to send some of Piccad's ashes into space, according to – a strange tribute that will make Picacho the first cremated cat to enter into orbit.

Shuttling Pikachu in the cosmos will be a favorite commemorative service Celestis Pets, a branch of the human space memorial company Celestis.

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Munt is currently collecting money through GoFundMe to help pay the $ 5,000 Pikachu, but he told that he had purchased a launch ticket "sometime in the next 18 months".

Celestis Pets has already begun the cremation of two dogs in orbit, where the company says the ash will remain until it reaches the re-entry into the atmosphere.

The remnants of the cat or dog will be too small to be seen, but the company poetically compares evaporation with a star that shoots through the sky.

"I wanted Picacho to be the first," Moon told, saying he wanted "to continue his legacy as a researcher and to show the world that the cat is as worthy as a dog with special respect."

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