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A cure for cancer will be ready in a year | Chronicle

The new treatment was developed by the pharmaceutical laboratory for accelerated evolutionary biotechnology under the direction of the CEO, PhD. Ilan Morad, according to the report.

"We believe that we will offer a complete cancer medicine for one year"he said Dan Aridor, chairman of the board of the company. "Our cancer medicine will be effective from the first day, it will last for several weeks and will have minimal side effects or it will not be much lower than most other treatments in the market".

The treatment, called "MuTaTo," will use a combination of anticancer peptides and toxins that specifically kill cancer cells.

The treatment will eventually be personalized and patients will be given a specific cocktail of drugs according to their kind of cancer, Morard told the newspaper.


Despite the importance of the announcement, some voices doubt the functioning of the new treatment, for example it has been tested only in mice.

In this regard, the Deputy Director of the National Office of the American Cancer Society, Len Liechtenfeld, the agency's blog says "It is understood that we all share the hope of being right".

"Unfortunately, we must be aware that this is far from effective treatment for people with cancer, let alone cure", he said.

Finally, the expert noted that Israeli researchers did not publicly display the collected data to support his statement, despite failing to disclose evidence that the treatment was successful in mice, saying that so far all have been interviewed with local media, according to the published page

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