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a cordial story about Valeria Copa's mother

Marianala, the mother of Valeria Kopa, the woman who was shot in the head, said she was afraid of her grandchildren and asked for arrest and sentence for her daughter's author.

"I will no longer stop, because they killed my daughter, killed me, why she killed me"The woman said in a dialogue with Radio Six and added:" I do not accept that I will no longer listen to her voice, I do not accept that I will no longer see her, I can not accept her, I do not know how it is done, I do not know, My daughter is no longer coming back"

The victim's mother reported that her daughter had a recent relationship with the suspect that she had killed her, nearly mid-last year, and that she did not know if she had a history because she circulated on social networks. Valeria had two children, aged 16 and 9, with a previous partner.

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The woman suspects that there is no more information about what happened so far and that none of the prosecution in charge of the case has come nearer. He said that there is little data provided by the police and transferred to the hospital where his daughter was transferred yesterday afternoon, seriously injured by a blow to his head.

The victim's mother said her daughter was at Ramon Carrillo Hospital because the police contacted a friend of the woman, most likely with whom she had spoken to her last telephone.

"I was in my house, I found out because they first communicated with her friend, they saw the last call on the mobile phone and went to the house. Her father was there and called me from the hospital and told me to go, He told me that he had an accident with the bicycle"He said.

Once in the hospital, the mother of the woman had contact with a doctor who informed him that "I was beaten, I had a terrible blow to my head and it practically without vital signs. After a while, my doctor tells me that she actually had bullet wounds and had missiles in her head. "

Mariana said the police informed her that the suspect "He is a refugee, left to look for him" and among the cries he added: "I am afraid that they are doing something to my grandchildren, this man is a fugitive."

Regarding the suspect, the victim's mother said she knew about the relationship last June and said: "I knew him very little, I did not know he had a record, I will talk to him three times."

He asked that "The police are doing everything possible to grab this man and drive him to jail".

Women's organizations called for marching today at the age of 18, on Onily and Brown, to seek justice and terminate femicids.

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