Tuesday , May 11 2021

A boxer struggling for his life after suffering a fulminant KO

Stevenson, of Khysk origin, was hospitalized in intensive therapy on Saturday in a hospital in the city with brain hemorrhage as a result of his battle with Carnegie.

Promoter Yvon Michel He confirmed that "the state Adonis Stephenson is stable" and expressed confidence that "in the next few hours" there will be "some improvement".

"His family and we are staying in the hospital with his team, praying for him," Michel added, who said that Stevenson felt bad after losing a knockout.

In return, Bernard Barre, a representative of the organization that helped the Canadian fighter, said Stevenson "corrected his eyes and did not speak but complained."

"I immediately thought of the concussion, which I expected was mild, many went to the ring, but Adonis had to be transported on a stretcher and then headed to hospital," said Barre.

"When I was in the heart of the night calling me on the phone to tell me about the hospital's intensive care report, our concern reached the border, we crossed our fingers and prayed to God," he added.

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