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2018 left us with some famous scandals: fighting, jealousy, outbursts and cancellations

2018 was the year where scandals The show did not wait. When we take years, we always remember the wonderful moments, but also those who left us hostility, because they generated different negative emotions: crying, anger, resentment, sadness, among others. In addition, in several cases, episodes were associated with inadequate subjects.

The last twelve months have been marked by the relationship of some celebrities with completely rejected rejections, let's take a look at the main moments that have happened and the consequences of this:

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Complaint for violation of Telma Fardin vs. Juan Darts

At a press conference with collective actresses Argentinos, Fardine denounced her rape on a Darts tour of Nicaragua by Patito Feo, when she was only 16 years old.

"He told me to touch him (penis), then I threw myself into the bed, I ran from the shore and started pollinating oral sex, I said no," said the young actress, then added that "penetrate" The rejection of the actor was widespread: he was expelled from the Argentine Association of Actors and his tango shows were canceled, among other signs of rejection.

Nataša Jait's accusations at the table of Mirt Legrand

In the context of the discovery of a network of child prostitution in the lower part of the Independent, Natasha Jait was invited to La Noche de Mirta. The media, without being able to be controlled by the host, directed seven celebrities who, according to her, were included in the network.

The rejection was not only for Natasha, but also for Mirta Legrand, because she allowed her to give names. Apart from the criticism of many people in the middle, the public addressed this issue, as declining declines in ratings.

The anger of Lauria from the photo of Flor Vijay and Cobra in the bed

Flor Vigna and Nicols Cabr are two of my clan's protagonists being a clone. With the alleged goal of promoting fiction, whose audience number is not the best, the actress has released an image of her face in the bed accepted by the actor.

Then, the actress wiped out the publication and then confirmed that she had done it because Lorita Fernandez had badly asked her to take it out. From there, a round-trip is generated which ends with the passage to Showmatch.

Kacho Kastaa's refuted phrase for the offense

In the interview, Kacho Kasta was asked about the role of women today and the singer finished his argument with a terrible phrase: If the injury is inevitable, relax and enjoy.

Although she wanted to justify that it was a phrase that was said before, the rejection was total. Hence, accusations of sexual harassment arose and he had to stop the emissions. However, he returned to his political statements: I am angry that the mines are fighting. Mines should be surrendered.

The strong fight of Morena and Jorge Real

On May 15, Morena Rial surprised everyone when she started making social media posts by destroying her father: If they really know the truth, many will be silent and fall for it. A silver did not make me more person, but it seems that others are! He only loves his cats, but then he is paid.

The driver does not react, but very strong private audio leaks: they ate their head, but this is over. I get sick of my life. I was at all. Everyone will go to hell. There will be no other. Children of a thousand whores all. Among other reasons, this led to the acquisition of a four-month license in the "Competitors". At present, the waters look calmer, as the progression of More Advances progresses.

The sudden departure of Pampita from his own program

On Monday, April 16, she debuted with her cycle on Pampita Online at Telefe. In the afternoon, the guest was his then boy Pico Monaco, whom he made to cry out of emotion. Hence, the cycle never succeeded in finding its style and the public, trying different parts and living moments of anxiety, as when Jay Mammon complained about the air from the small space he had given since he invited him.

The program ended on that channel on July 10th, but with the ride of Claudia Fontaine, as the model left before traveling. Pampita's responses, when consulted by the press about what happened, were not always the best, as you can see in the next video.

The outbreak of Nicols Repetto in the news

The repetition had a year full of unhappy questions and comments as the conductor of El Noticiero de la Gente. On February 28, I asked a woman who was given two disturbances for a few minutes as she was dressed. The question is: men go out as they want on the street and we do not harass them. We do not tell them anything or we do not try to rape them or touch them, the insulted woman answers.

Then, he minimized the case of a priest who hit a woman. On November 9, I asked a woman who stole the mobile phone if she was a kidnapper. In order to lock his year, I wonder why Telma Fardin takes so much time to condemn Juan Darts as an offense.

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