Monday , July 26 2021

124 service stations of YPF will be transferred to an American company

YPF broke 124 gas stations and agri-services in 17 provinces to sell them to the US company Zaliv, which will be installed in our country.

The operation involved an amount of $ 22 million paid by Delta Patagonia, an intermediary in sales and the arrival of a North American oil company in Argentina.

"With this purchase operation and future brand and station investment investments, we plan to invest over $ 22 million over the next five years," Delta Patagonia President Ignacio Hermada said.

For his part, Eduardo Torras, general manager of the company, noted that they have prepared an "ambitious registration plan for all sales outlets acquired in the next year and a half, and we hope to continue expanding the network to reach 150 outlets for 2022. "

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