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100 departments that Mexicans could buy with Jennifer Lopez's latest engagement ring

After the excitement they created in the world of the show compromise between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, another of the most talked about topics cost of the ring.

Some jewelry experts have suggested that the ring oscillates 36 million pesos (1 to 1.9 million dollars), with a emerald emerald of 10 carats. However, other jewelers say the ring is not 10 but 20 carats, which increases its price for 100 million pesos (between dollars 4.5 and 5 million euros).

Although experts in this subject have not yet agreed on the exact amount, it is clear that the diamond that looks like today "Bronx Diva"It's one of the most expensive engagement rings that anyone could receive." In this regard, the comparison of the number of departments that can be purchased in Mexico City with that amount of money.

The first case is Polanco, one of the most famous exclusive and expensive of the city. There, the average purchase price is 10 million pesos (517,950 USD), which can be purchased between them 4 and 10 departments with the amount paid by the former professional baseball player for the ring of the singer.

Another example is the colony Naples, which is located in the city hall Benito Juarez. The area is famous for its beautiful houses California colonial style and high security indices.

In such a coveted colony, the average price for a new department reached 4.46 million pesos (231,005 USD) in 2018. Despite the high cost of a regular worker, the couple could be allowed to buy between 8 and 22 apartments in the area.

As shown in the third example Santa Maria la Ribera, the most sought-after colony in real estate portal in 2018. Buying a home in this area has reached 1.4 million pesos (72,513 USD) over the last year.

Here someone could buy between 25 and 71 classes, depending on the value of the ring.

This area, considered one of the first colonies in the city, recorded average sales last year 995,000 pesos (51,536 USD).

The number of residences that could be acquired in this part of the city's hocks, between 35 and 100.

Live in colony a dream in Mexico City, with a department that has a terrace, fitness, swimming pool, and maybe even tennis courtIt's a dream for millions of citizens.

Lomas Alta, Bosque de Chapultepec, Real de las Lomas, Polanco, only some of these areas are inaccessible to most Mexicans. However, when you are a sports star, music star or movie star, you can afford it and much more. And it was demonstrated by Alex Rodriguez with brand new diamond which he gave to his future wife, Jennifer Lopez.

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