Saturday , July 31 2021

10 best selling cars in 2018

Within the data shared by Association of Car Dealers of Argentina (Acara), reflecting a drop of 10.9% in patents during 2018, some say models that even in a year of demand reduction managed to mark the country.

On a vehicle that ran the ranking the patents was Toyota Hilux, the best option in the agricultural industry. His 33,482 patented units were enough to change the Volkswagen Gol from the first position.

The podium of the most patented models was completed with Toyota Etios (32,023 operations) and the Ford Ka (patented 30,431 units).

The rankings of the best-selling units were completed as follows:

1) Toyota Hilux: 33,482 units

2) Toyota Etio: 32,203 units

3) Ford Ka: 30,431 units

4) Chevrolet Onyx: 30,313 units

5) Chevrolet Prisma: 27,973 units

6) Volkswagen goal: 24,719 units

7) Reno Quidditch: 22,578 units

8) Peugeot 208: 22,494 units

9) Renault Sandero: 22,096 units

10) Fiat Argo: 21,385 units

Regarding the brands, Volkswagen took the first place with 117,087 patents, followed by the sale of Renault with 114,300. The third most successful brand in the past year was Chevrolet, with 101,252 units.

All in all, although compared with last year, patents have dropped significantly, the figure of 802,992 sold units 0 km remains the third most successful year since the entity has released information.

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