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Zack Ephron was "very hesitant" to play serial killer Ted Bundy

Zack Ephron can embody serial killer Ted Bundy a little too good Extremely evil, shocking evil and uglyAnd he was worried about it.

"I had a lot of reserves for playing a killer in this genre of film," he said in an interview Graham Norton Award.

"I was not interested in celebrating anything, but I was interested in the psychological aspect of whether he is capable of true love."

The actor, whose film came out on May 3 to Netflix, was asked during the seventh session if he was to lobby to take on such a dark role. (Who can forget the triple Bolton from the star High school musical?)

Zac Efron says he had

Joel C Ryan / AP

Zack Efron says he had "many reserves for playing a killer".

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"I was very prepared to do it, but I knew I could," he said. "I just did not want to jump on something that can be considered a desperate arrow in trying to change my image. It was a unique experience, not what someone expected," makes me proud. "

The movie premiered in Sundance earlier this year, and critics were divided over whether the film had sexually assassinated a serial killer.

Director Joe Burlinger is trying to bring Bundy's story to the #MeToo era, making the girl Liz Kendal (Lily Collins) a living sacrifice and never showing any scenes of violence against women until the last minutes of the film.

It is an idea that is more noble in its intention than execution, according to mixed early reactions.

– USA today

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