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"Widows" is a film about the definitive assault of 2018 Art


Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo appear in "Widows" (2018).

The film of the genre "heista" is often defined by the fulfillment of wishes. Films like "Now you see", "Inception" and "Ocean & # 39; s 11" helped set the standard of the contemporary caper: Nader charismatic, smarter than you could ever hope to become a hero with a powerful thrill with a notable set, humor and stubborn in a bold tone. It seems that one of the main goals for the director Steve & # 39; and McQueen with "Widows" is the deconstruction of the movie with the inscription, from the expected narrative conventions to the degree of social significance that such films can maintain.

The initial premise of the film is commendable and engrossing: she sees the widows of four high-class burglars forced to finish her husband's last job after being murdered in action. However, in the development of titular widows the film really shines. Viola Davis appears as Weronika Rawlins, a widow who comes up with the idea of ​​a $ 5 million robbery of her husband and becomes the de facto head of a group of women who are trying to eradicate her. As is often the case, Davis provides a captivating, nuanced performance: Experimentally exposes the pain of a woman who is financially and emotionally left behind by the loss of her husband and an unimaginable harvest of plans for her dead partner. And the point is not to emphasize the work of other leading women of the film, including Stoic, but layered representation of Michelle Rodriguez as Linda Perelli, and a realistic look at the battered femininity thanks to Alice Gunner Elizabeth Debicki. First-class work from the stellar cast enriches the film from the very beginning.

"Widows" is not just a film about the robbery – it is a movie of the genre "assault" created for modern recipients. Although this statement may seem obvious, it is still important to distinguish. "Widows" shed light on the problems that American citizens are currently facing: racial tension, police brutality and sexism are subtly underlined and professionally presented. McQueen does not want to indulge in escapist fantasies promoted by previous theatrical attacks. Franchise of the "ocean" can be the most illegible example that this year is provided by the female leading the band. "Ocean & # 39; s 8", with people like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway, opened a large sum of money in June last year (nearly $ 300 million worldwide), but medium criticism, many criticize no shares, disproportionate tone and generally unrealistic narrative. "Widows", despite the fact that it was released in the same year, acts as a kind of reaction: McQueen adds more depth to his film, presenting it first as a spectacular study of the character, and then a thriller about the robbery.

McQueen's incredibly ingenious hand also effortlessly raises the picture by taking a shot after the shot, which otherwise increases the usual scenes. One such situation occurs after Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), a wretched local politician on the trail of the election campaign, which is the target of the attack, angrily reporting to his secretary after he was detained by a reporter during a stopover in a low-income community . When McQueen continues to talk about the reporter and the state of his neighbors, when he is taken home, he decides not to present a real conversation. Instead, McQueen carries out his shot outside the car and focuses on the area in question, presenting a slow, consistent view of the neighborhood and its gradual gentrification when they reach Mulligan's home. This transgressive directorial choice immediately provides two ways of interpreting the scene: the current conversation and neighborhood that actually exists.

The various twists and turns of the action in the film retain the consistent involvement of the audience. The script, co-written by McQueen and Gillian Flynn of "Gone Girl", is relentless in striving to strike out viewers' expectations. For example, video marketing leads viewers to accept four widows who take on the work of Davis, Rodriguez, Dębicki and Cynthia Erivo, the best film actress. At the very beginning it was clear that this is the first dumper of the film, and the fourth widow is played by Carrie Coon. The character of Bella Erivo is actually a single mother working as a babysitter for Linda, not a titular widow. What is the role of the fourth widow? And how does Erivo fit into a wider narrative? You would have to check the movie to find out.

"Widow" Steve & McQueen is an exercise that refuses all the best. He rejects the audience of the evolutionary fantasy they expect from films with an inscription. He rejects viewers from the up-to-date views of his film through various twists and turns. Basically, it denies the fact that there is a conventional path to films related to seizures, making a completely new map. Thanks to strong performances, innovative direction and unwavering social commentary, Widow is positioned as the definitive film from 1979.

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