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Who will be at the top of the South African conference?

With seven rounds of pools that remained in this season on Vodak, MARIEET ADAMS and Diane JACK a debate which team will end up at the SA conference.

Jack says Stormers

Call this as a defense of fuzzy or purely madness, but it feels that if Stormers in Buenos Aires this Saturday can get a result, they might be favorites at the top of the conference.

On Robbie's side, like other South African teams, there is a lack of consistency that would allow them to take advantage of the rivals of their rivals.

However, they undoubtedly have the advantage when it comes to the list of bodies. After the game Jaguares, they play four games at home, with the only remaining game against the opponent's Lions.

They tend to make the match an appropriate fight for the hand. Very little is given by the Stormers in Newlands, where they lost it only once this season.

Even if Stormers pulls home game against powerful crusaders, there are still at least 16 points, with a bonus victory point against the Sunwolves.

Meanwhile, Vodacom Bulls, who suffered a major blow with Jesse Keryl's loss in the next six to eight weeks, is still in a four-week tour to come before facing the Lyons team who had nothing to lose in his last round-Robin.

The biggest threat to Stormers will come from sharks and Jaguares. They will stick thumbs up that sharks do not take anything more than their overseas tour after the Durban-based side sent Varaths to Sydney.

The Jaguares also face four weeks away from home, and can be expected to reduce points against Highlanders and Hurricanes, while Waratahs and Reds are certainly not an easy game in Australia.

Trying to predict the SA conference this year is equivalent to playing a slot machine for the whole day.

Much will rely on how Stormers this Saturday, and how they deal with defeat, if that happens. But with Dillin Lids finding the form that Springbok and Jaco Coetze made back to full physical fitness, Stormers boasts a team capable of doing business at home.

Basically, this could be a result if you go to a plan. However, as shown this year, something may happen …

Adams says Jaguars

With only four points separating the highest placed sharks and the lowest ranking lions, as well as any other team among them, this is the hardest contested conference. Outside New Zealand, the Crusaders are an amazing 22 points out of the voices fighting, while the Rebels are 13 before humble fans at the Australian Conference.

So, who is ready to appear as winners at a conference in South Africa? In reality, all five sides are in a position to boast of top honors, but some have more challenges for the end of the season than others.

The Stormers will play four of their remaining six matches in Newlands, but three of them are against Crusaders, Highlanders and Sharks, respectively. The Bulls have a team of tests capable of making several problems, but still have to go on their Australian tour, which has proven to be a reversion to many local parties, while domestic games against Crusaders and Lyons are also in the hold.

Sharks have, probably, the toughest list of bodies they need to pass. They still have to play three sides of Kiwi (Crusaders, Bosses and Hurricanes), two derby against opponents and Lions, and a key game against Jaguars.

The lions may have been South Africa's main team over the past three seasons, but they engage at the foot of the diary and are struggling for relevance this year. The days of their coffers are seemingly finished.

Which brings us to Jaguares, a super rugby franchise that essentially doubles as a Argentina test side, and plays like it. Tell what you want for Jaguares, but after the New Zealand teams they are – this season at least – according to some estimates, the most equal side in terms of translating the best results into positive results.

Another area where South Americans chew their counterparts from South Africa is the depth of the depth, the precise rotation of players and management, and the acute planning of the succession.

While part of the fighting of our local teams can – rightly – be attributed to the loss of key players at key junctions during the campaign, coaches should possess and recognize certain (extended) choices of the team that are outside the trading brand, and the fact that some back-up players just were not Good enough.

On the other hand, Jaguars had no such problems. They had their share of the injury injury, but coach Gonzalo Kissada has the advantage of bringing players of the same quality. This is very obvious from their results in recent weeks.

The winners of Inter, Javier Diaz (props), Joaquín Tuculet (Colonel), Ramiro Moiano (wing), Thomas Zubeli (scudel), Jeronimo de la Fuente (center and captain), Juan Manuel Leguzmon (pardon), Agustin Curve (Hooker) Mathias Orlando (center), Emiliano Bofeli (utility), Nahuel Tetaz Chaparo (props), Thomas Lavanini (communist striker) and Marcos Kremer (communist striker) missed the big bits of the current campaign due to injuries. Wing Bautista Delgue and Scuder Gonzalo Bertranu were dismissed by the end of the season.

And yet, these Jaguares have passed the class and the temperament of the big matches, the qualities that do not have enough at home. The case at the moment when rookie Domingo Mioti came for experienced Santiago González Iglesias, while Jaguare was trailing the Bulls 20-10 in Loft. The young flyhalf scored two attempts and cut off the key conversion to turn the result of the head.

As it stands, I have Jaguares to jump on South African candidates, based on the fact that they have hit a purple patch, while the Bulls, Stormers, Lions and Sharks had no consistency. Knowing what is threatened, I do not think we will see that Jamaica's trust, which flying high, will soon be lowered.

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