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WATCH: Crusaders Wing in BEST Mode! Send Quang flying

2019-04-26 12:10

Cape Town – Kvaga Smith was the receiving end of the "must-see" handle fail as Lions fell to a 36-10 defeat against the dominant Crusaders in Christchurch on Friday.

Starting at no. 8 – and also ascended to the captain in the absence of the injured Warren Whitley – Smith gave him all his days in a familiar way, but the Lions were simply overcome.

The hosts scored five attempts for only one of the Lions, but there was one five-pointer in particular that set aside.

The Crusaders were 10-3 up and in the attack, as the end of the first half approached before the ball was spread wide in the right wing Sevu Reece.

Fijian took the ball in a pace and crashed into Smith, who tried to solve it, but instead flew backwards after the shot.

Reyes continued to achieve the first of his two attempts at night – and fortunately Smith managed to raise and continue.

Take a look at the incident below:

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