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Vegetarian diets are the most balanced and satisfying in the blood, the study claims

When it comes to feeling the best, balancing blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight – while you are still feeling full and saturated – are the top priorities. Fortunately, scientists may have found the best nutrition to achieve all these goals at once.

It takes only one vegetarian meal for the participants in a recent study to use all kinds of health promotion rewards – thanks to the increased good hormones of the gut. Aside from a feeling of complete and maintaining a healthy weight, these hormones increase insulin sensitivity and the body's ability to use sugar.

But how do we know these hormones actually use the power of plants? The researchers kept the number of calories and macronutrients the same in all the meals that the participants ate, whether they went to the base of plants or there were meat and cheese. This means that the only real difference between what the participants ate was the presence of products of animal origin.

Immediately after meals, those who ate meals with fiber had higher levels of good intestinal hormones, and they felt more fully and satisfied.

These full-stomach feelings may stem from all fiber packed in a fiber-based meal. The fiber slows down the digestion and is associated with lower levels of heart disease and reduced gastrointestinal disturbances.

Still need to be sweeping? Eating a vegetarian diet, even occasionally, has enormous benefits for the planet. If diving in a veganism looks a bit frightening, start a bit by replacing a few meals a week with those based on vegetarian origin. With such powerful health and planetary benefits, it may be worth a try.

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