Friday , April 16 2021

Twitter is not impressed with the interviews of Mavi on Bobi Motown

Kaiser Chiefs Soccer Manager, Bobi Motaung, left a bitter taste in the mouths of supporters and club followers after an interview with Robert Marava from Radio 2000.

Contrary to the expectations of the listeners, Bobbie escaped almost any question set by Marawa, including one for the departure of the club midfielder, Pule Eckstein, whose contract was terminated.

While Kaiser Chiefs confirmed the news via their Twitter page, rumors claimed that Ekstein had left because he was not paid as worth.

Motaung declined to answer questions about money, but instead noted that the deal was terminated "friendly", as the two sides could not reach an agreement. Following this unclear answer, Marava asked if it meant there was a dispute between Ekstein and the club, but Motang denied this.

If the Eckein Agreement was not terminated, it would end in June, which is the end of the season and it remains unclear whether it will be paid by then.

Ekstein's supporters went to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the interview, with some saying it was a waste of time, and others accuse Mottang of dishonesty over the real cause of Eskin's departure. Ekistain has so far remained mum about why he left the club.

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