Saturday , January 16 2021

Triangle residents may be able to see the NASA-based rocket based in Virginia

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – If the weather coincides on Wednesday – the inhabitants of the triangle may be able to see NASA launch a rocket from Virginia.

The Ankara rocket from Northrop Gramman is scheduled for launch at 4:46 am. from the middle of the Atlantic Regional Space Shuttle of NASA's "Wolf's Flight" on the island of Wallops, Virginia.

"The launch can be visible, allowing time for residents across the mid-Atlantic region and, perhaps, on the eastern coast of the United States," NASA said.

The graph above shows the number of seconds after the launch that the missile will be visible to that area.

The triangle will be between 150 and 180 seconds. Space enthusiasts will have to look to the northeast to get a peek at the rocket.

Antares rocket carries the carrier of the Lebedian spacecraft, which will bring 7,600 pounds of research, crew and hardware to the International Space Station.

If time co-operates, daytime time can hinder visibility.

Walops Island is in Accomack County about 100 miles north-northeast of Norfolk.

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