Monday , May 17 2021

This company sells tissue filled with sneezing for $ 80 so you can get sick when you want – a lifestyle

A Los Angeles based sales company sells tissues in which they sneeze, carrying various cold viruses and bacteria from sick people.

A Vaev tissue costs $ 79.99, and its only goal is to give the user a virus and bacteria that are in the tissue. It is designed for users to wipe their nose in order to get sick on their own terms.

Basically, the idea behind Viv Tissue is to pay for you to get sick.

The Vaev's About Us page supports tissue filled with sneezing with the following statement:

"We believe that when the influenza season comes around, you should be able to get sick of your conditions." We are not talking about chemicals or prescription drugs here at Weev. "We believe the use of tissue that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles or tablets. "

In an interview with TimeOliver Nissen, the 34-year-old founder of the company, said "the simple idea is to choose now to get sick, with the idea that you will not get sick with the same cold later."

"You will wipe Vaev's nose a few days before going on vacation, for example, and take the cold off the road before your trip," Niessen added.

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However, according to Charles Herb, professor of microbiology and environmental science at the University of Arizona, this is not the way viruses work.

"There are many things right with that," he said Time.

"There are more than 200 types of rhinoviruses, so you have to propel about 200 tissues to your nose each time you get different […] getting inoculation from one does not protect you from all others.

"So we have never had a vaccine for the common cold. How to make a vaccine against 200 different viruses?"

Gerba also expressed his concern over the tissues as "incredible responsibility" because you can not predict how anyone will react to any virus.

Currently, the website has its own $ 79.99 soviet filled tissue referred to as "sold out" for several months, which Niessen said was due to "supply chain issues". (geo / mut)

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