Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Tshwane food bank – Centurion Rekord was destroyed

Deliveries at the Tshwane food bank were exhausted, which led to calling on residents and organizations to help the beneficiaries.

MMC for health Sakkie du Plooy said that Tshwane's food bank was used to respond to disasters by providing emergency social assistance to affected eligible individuals and households, as the constitutional law requires.

To enable such relief, the city keeps a spare supply of food and non-food items in a food bank.

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The food bank in its current form regularly serves 221 non-profit organizations and 1 666 people.

Du Plooy said that given the sudden drop in stocks of the food bank, it is important to inform the regular beneficiaries of the food bank about a possible reduction in the size of the parcels.

"In anticipation of finalizing the sourcing process to fully replenish the food bank, the city is doing everything it can to get additional supplies.

"In recent months, Mooiplaas, Laezonia, Moreleta Park, Plastic View 1 and Plastic View 2 east of Pretoria were absorbed by the fire that ravaged the informal settlements."

This prompted the provision of emergency care packages with food and non-food items, including blankets, the food bank and all victims.

"Repeated fires led to exhaustion of stocks at the Tshwane food bank.

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"In the four fire disasters that we had, more than 500 structures were gutted by fire, leaving a total of 1 296 people without food, shelter and other basic needs."

In total, 500 packages were delivered to these families.

"Providing food and basic products is in line with the city's commitment to care for people in a difficult situation and to fight poverty," said Du Plooy.

He insisted on shareholders in the community to help ordinary beneficiaries who might not receive adequate supplies from a humanitarian food bank that aims to reduce suffering.

Organizations and individuals wishing to contribute by providing assistance can obtain information from food bank officials on 012 358 5998.

A food bank in Tshwane may refuse to accept donations for storage at its premises, but the subway would rather facilitate links between donors and needy organizations or families.

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