Sunday , April 11 2021

The statistics of Pule Eqstain in Kaiser Chefs reveal a lot

Now former midfielder Kaiser Chifs, Hendrik Eckkine, claims that the manager of the club said he did not contribute enough and that led to a deadlock in the negotiations, which resulted in his departure.

The Ekstven agreement was due to expire on June 30th and when both parties failed to agree to the terms, they decided to share ways on Thursday.

Amakosy also confirmed that Gustavo Paez and Kgogoso Malopa are also considered to be a surplus of demands.

The decision to take such a sudden release of the country, which has become increasingly influential in the past three months since the arrival of Ernst Middendorff as a coach, was a surprise.

She started a debate about a player who always shares opinions.

The Mysterious Ecstin was a favorite for the crowd, but the more sensitive fan pointed to the bad decision, the tendency to give the ball to the key spaces, and missed the chances and unwillingness to follow and defend, which makes him far from a complete player.

The debate was prompted by the attacker's claims about the SuperSport attacker in an interview with Robert Marava on Thursday evening that he was told by the bosses that he was not doing enough at the club as a reason to allow the midfielder to leave.

While Ekstein certainly believes that he has done enough to earn a better deal, the statistics from his debut in 2015 suggest that bosses have a point.

The young boss's game played 97 games (57 points, 40 substitutions), scored nine goals and made only two assists over four and a half seasons – leaving much to wilt, especially for the striker.

Ekistain made his first appearance to the bosses in February 2015 in their 4-0 Nedbank Cup in the last 32 wins over Amateur Edu Sport.

On that occasion he went out on the bench and continued to play three more times in that season, all as a substitute.

For comparison, this was his best season with the bosses, with five goals in 28 matches, including two in the Cup Confection Cup.

The boy from Bekkersdal is not in two minds that deserves better, but the bosses clearly disagree because they did not want to break the bank to meet the obviously high demands for Ekstein's salary to keep it.

Based on the numbers, the debate will continue for his contribution or disadvantage.

You are a judge.

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