Monday , October 25 2021

The residents of Makhanda want the municipality to be administered


Tired people say that enough is enough in Makhanda in the Eastern Cape. They want their commune to be covered by the administration. Water scarcity is one of the main problems.

In 2015, the Municipality of Makana rented Amatola water to supply water and sanitation.

This includes managing the aging infrastructure. Two years later, Amatola Water withdrew her services due to an unpaid debt of RN40 million.

Bongani Selu lives here for most of her life. The water in this place is disconnected at night to allow the tanks to be filled. He says he can not remember the day the water flowed for 24 hours.

"We do not drink tap water because, as you can see, it is brown and very cloudy, we only use it for bathing, it tastes really bad, so we buy water from local spas, but even that is expensive because many families can not afford it. they are forced to drink what makes them sick. "

Waste water pollution causes a nightmare to live here.

Lizziwe Lukwe, a resident of Makhanda East: "I am very sickly, and even when this water came into my house, I was already sick and this made things worse." I have extreme back pain, kidney problems and other ailments, and this water worsens the situation, but I can stand it I have no choice. "

Authorities are aware of problems.

Mayor Nomhle Gaga: "What we did as a commune was that we audited electricity, water, sewage and roads, and we have business plans we use to raise funds and use these business plans." So as the municipality of Makana, especially for water we have plans for the future, thanks to which we have already begun modernizing the water treatment plants of James Kleynhans, because if we improved it, everyone in Makhanda, even in cities and towns, will get water from this place. "

See how residents of Makhanda complain about the lack of services below:

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