Thursday , October 21 2021

The Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 console packages include a completely new PlayStation 4 Pro console


Get Red Dead Redemption 2 with Sony PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and you'll be surprised – you'll also get a new version of the PS4 Pro hardware.

This is the discovery of the Eurogamer Digital Foundry test labs, which have noticed that there are many new enhancements added to the CUH-7200 console that accompanies the new Red Dead 2 kits.

Whisper it

PlayStation 4 Pro, in its original form, was famous for its exceptionally loud load, and titles such as God of War made the machine moan at very loud volume levels.

However, the CUH-7200 attached to the era of the open world of Rockstar does not have such problems, emitting only low, constant noise when it is pushed to the limit. This is despite the fact that it is actually hotter than the two previous versions of the PS4 Pro console that were released into the wild.

Digital Foundry notes that in addition to the drop in volume and new power from the figure eight, little has changed in the new PS4 Pro. But it's good to see Sony not resting on his laurels, because he looks to improve the quality of the equipment two years after the start.

It also bodes well for the development of the PS5 – no one likes a noisy console and assuming it will be a more powerful machine, it looks like Sony is still looking for new ways to avoid unpleasant equipment. noisy.

Expect that the new PS4 Pro will go to stores in the coming weeks or months on Christmas outside of this Red Dead offer – just search for the CUH-7200 number on the box.

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