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The epic will drop its computer exclusivity Press if the steam changes are better

For PC gamers, probably the biggest war in the past year is between the Epic Games Store and Steam. The latter was the dominant force in PC games for more than a decade and finally last year when the gaming emission was printed, Steam had a worthy competitor. Epic is pushing for computer games exclusive to their store and we've seen a lot of pushback from computer gamers such as reviewing bomb headings. The latest example of this is Borderlands 3, which will be exclusive during the epic gaming store. Epic has now pulled a line in the sand, saying they will stop exclusively if Steam changes for the better.

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Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, they went to Twitter to answer some questions about the exclusivity of Epic Games Store, Steam and PC games in general. For those who do not know, Epic Games Store has an income policy of 88/12, while Steam has a 70/30 income policy. Yes, developers get 18% more profits from selling their games at an epic gaming store than they do to Steam and that's a very big deal.

In the string of tweets, Mr Sweeney explained that the biggest problem for computer developers and publishers is that the huge 30% profit action Steam takes from selling games. Epic is determined to fix this at all costs and will continue to push for exclusivity until Steam is changed. The tweet below says it all.

Mr. Sweeny went on to explain: "Such a move will be a glorious moment in the history of computer games, and will have a profound impact on other platforms for generations to come. Then the stores could return only to be nice places to buy something, not the IRS Developer Game. "

Steam is not perfect and I doubt that Valve will impose so easily. Furthermore, many gamers want Steam, and even refuse to take free games from the epic games store from a principle. With that being said, it could be great for everyone involved if Steam decided to give up their 70/30 policy at a lower rate. The question remains: How will Valve respond to such an open and public line that is extracted in the sand?

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What do you think of Tim Sweeney's comments and do you think Valve will answer? Tell us in the comments section below.



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