Sunday , June 20 2021

The diagnosis of animal diseases has improved in the laboratory repaired by the FAO in Guinea – Guinea

The Central Laboratory of Veterinary Diagnostics at Conakry in Guinea was officially inaugurated on November 14, 2018, after renovation by the FAO, funded by the American agency for International Development. The recent Ebola outbreak in this country has highlighted the need to strengthen national disease surveillance systems. This includes the improvement of veterinary laboratories for the early detection and appropriate response to animal diseases and zoonoses that can be passed on to humans, including rabies, brucellosis, avian influenza and anthrax.

FAO completely renovated the Central Laboratory of Veterinary Diagnostics, strengthened the abilities of its employees through training and acquired advanced equipment, including reagents and consumables. This renovation, with a total cost of USD 635,000, was fully supported by the Global Health Protection Program and implemented by the FAO in cooperation with USAID.

The inauguration was held in the presence of Prime Minister Guinea, Ibrahim Kassor Fofan, FAO representative, Mohamed Hama Garby, FAO Regional Coordinator for Transboundary Diseases (ECTAD) in West and Central Africa, Baba Soumare and US American Ambassador, Dennis Hankins.

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