Wednesday , April 21 2021

The ANC plans "superhuman efforts" in Western Cape in the final days before the election

Fayez Jacobs, Cai Magaxa Ebrahim Rasul

Western Cape ANC leadership Faiez Jacobs, Khaya Magaxa and Ebrahim Rasool. (Jan Gerber / News24)

While election day is approaching, the ANC in Western Cape plans "superhuman efforts" to convince indefinite potential voters to draw their crosses behind the ANC logo, came on May 8th.

At a press conference Thursday, Election Coordinator for Elections in Iraq, Ebrahim Rasul, according to their understanding of recent polls, has about 13% of Western Cape voters, who are still undecided.

He said that in the campaign in the province, the party returned to its traditional strength – the volunteer goes from door to door.

Campaign based problems

He said that their campaign is question-based, focusing on YES's management of the drought crisis, insufficiently paid to the urban settlement and crime grant, specifically the "intervention" of President Cyril Ramaphosa, with the re-establishment of the police gang unit.

"Our is not razzmatazz [campaign], "Added the ANC Secretary of Western Cape Fais Jacobs.

According to their reading of the polls, which Jacobs said they use as a guide or a "useful barometer," YES adheres to the dear life to gain the majority, while the ANC sees their support at about 38% in the province.

"We are in the perception of something wonderful," said Rasul.

Rasul said the YA campaign to hold an ANC / EFF coalition out of government in the province was a "sweeping Gevian" dog whistle.

"If you are serious about what you say on your posters, then you break your coalitions with the EFF," Rasul contested YES.

The OU has minority governments in the Tshwane and Johannesburg municipalities, which manage the EFF's support, but they are not in the official coalition.

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"We do not talk to anyone about coalitions," Rasul said.

Western Cape Chairman Cai Magaca said they can not talk about coalitions now, but if there is an opportunity to form a coalition government, they are "open to hiring someone".

He qualified this by stating that they would not enter a coalition with a racist party.

Earlier this week, DA challenged the ANC to name their main candidate.

Rasool said that since 1999, ANC has never announced its first candidates.

"We are not working for a person, we are working on problems."

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