Sunday , April 18 2021

Supercomputer predicts Premier League finals – and that's bad news for Liverpool and Chelsea

The time runs out in the Premier League season with only two weekends of action remaining after a series of key games over the coming days.

The fight for the title continues for Manchester City and Liverpool, with just one point, separating both sides to compete at this weekend.

Meanwhile, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United continue to fight to finish in the top four and secure one of the two remaining places in the Champions League.

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Top four battle

There is also a strict battle to avoid the final place of relegation at the foot of the race, while many sides are in seventh place, which can result in a European campaign in the Europa League next term.

Although it remains in the air, a supercomputer developed by the University of Reading predicted the final outcome of the Premier League – and that's bad news for Liverpool and Chelsea.

Reds are expected to miss the Premier League's inaugural crown, while Manchester City is 74 percent, likely to end on the top of the cup, with Reds having only 26 percent chance of defeating Pep Guardiola in the standings.

Tottenham are thought to be 77%, likely to finish third, and 95% are likely to qualify for the Champions League, while Arsenal is the second favorite with 55%, which is likely to reach the quarter-finals, and 42% likely to finish fourth place.

Chelsea, therefore, will miss and will be the season to forget about Manchester United, which is given only seven percent chance to return to the Champions League next season, while eventually Cardiff is 88 percent likely to turn out.

You can see all the forecasts below.

Premier League title

Manchester City – 74%

Liverpool – 26%

Top four

Tottenham – 95%

Arsenal – 55%

Chelsea – 43%

Manchester United – 7%

Seventh place

Watford – 37%

Wolves – 27%


Cardiff City – 88%

Brighton – 9%

Southampton – 3%

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